Princess Lacey

Explains It to You

   Where did we come from? Is there a God? If there is a God, why did She create us?
    Everyone is searching for answers to such questions, but even after we think we have found some of the answers, it's not long before we are on the search again for more meaning in our lives and more satisfying answers.
    In addition to those questions, sissy boys have a lot of questions of their own: Why am I attracted to feminine clothes? Why can't I find someone to love my fetish and me too? Why can't people accept me for what I am? Why can't I wear whatever I want whenever and wherever I want? Why am I labeled a freak, an embarrassment or a pervert? Why am I treated like an outcast?
    I don't claim to have all the answers. I don't even claim to have a lot of the answers, but when it comes to sissy boys, I do believe I have some of the answers. I say that because I have spent my entire life knowing, loving and enjoying sissy boys. See my brief (pun intended) autobiography for details.
    One thing I do know for sure, as a sissyboy, any answers you embrace or life decisions you make must satisfactorily address your sissy needs. Failure to do so will spell disaster. The classic mistake a sissy makes is getting married without ever telling his future wife about his sissy needs. This is completely unfair to the woman, and it will make it very difficult for such a marriage to succeed. If you are a sissyboy, you are one through and through, and you will never change! Ever! So plan your life accordingly!
    The purpose of this feature of my website is to make a sissy boy, like you, feel good about yourself. I'll give you advice on a variety of topics that are important to you. Here I'll also give you general information about Princess Productions and myself as well as answer the most commonly asked questions that you, my sissyboy readers, e-mail to me. You can count on me to always talk to you from my heart.
    The entries that follow are dated so it will be easy for you to check in periodically and see if any new information has been posted since your last visit.     E-mail me today! I'd love to read about you and hear your comments about these and related topics.