June 10, 2011:

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6/11 Niklas Comic - "Little Red Ridinghood" Boy is selected to play the lead in a school play and gets teased by the other boys.
6/11 Diapermates - Adult baby art by Missie McQueen of a woman shaming two boys with baby diapers and feminine outfits.
6/11 Comic Coverage - "Captain America Crossdressing for Freedom" Fun comic boos style story of superhero feminized.
6/11 Eyeburst - Slick on the link to artwork and then click on the  symbols to access drawings. Many gay but some crossdressing pictures,
6/11 Sissy Babified in Fairy Garden - Fancy drawing of a beautiful girlish sissy in diapers and baby panties.
2/11 Sissy Boy Art from Moscow - Click the 'translate' button on your web browser to read in English.
2/11 My Favorite Girlie Boys - Anime collage of artist's favorite crossdressed characters.
2/11 Captions on Book Cover Illustrations - Trannies in artsy drawings with mini stories.
2/11 Fun Online Boy Dress-up Doll - ON your own computer, you put him in lingerie and a dress, then print it out.
2/11 Sissy Boy Toy - Sweet anime drawing of a very frilly boy.
2/11 Tokyo Sissy Doll - Includes links to other girlie fashion art.
2/11 Sissy Baby Boy Eric/Erica Cuddling with Mommy Princess Ariel - Here's a princess tale a sissy boy can enjoy.
2/11 Pin-Up Boys - Guys in cheesecake-like poses from the 1950s.
2/11 Stardoll Presents a Sissyboy - He's a cutie.
2/11 Being a Good Cuckold - Just what weakling white guys should be doing -- watching their wife get fucked by big black guys
2/11 Teen Boy's Room Made Girly - Art you can manipulate at this fun art site.
12/10 Anime Art - Blurring the lines between masculine and feminine!
10/10 Boy-Girl Dressup Game - A little girls' paper dolls website; you can put many of the girls' clothes on the boy!

6/11 Granny Panties Are Back! - With information where to see them in pictures and movies, buy them etc.
6/11 Should Boys Have to Wear a Corset and Stockings for Punishment? - Why not skirts, tuts, and tights too?
6/11 The Examiner - "Seven Books for Children Featuring Same Sex Families" interesting books now available.
6/11 Lucille Sorella's Feminization Secrets - Practical information for crossdressers about hairdo, buying female clothes, etc.
4/11 Here's the Ad That's Causing a Sensation - Homophobes are upset about mainstream ad featuring putting pink polish on little boy's nails!
4/11 In Reaction to the Ad - Other boys, including boys of some celebrities love to have their nails painted!
4/11 Why is Blue for Boys and Pink for Girls? - Complete with photos, article traces the history of color coding our kids!
4/11 Korean Girl is Really a Guy in Drag - With photos, the article and comments show why this beauty has fooled everyone!
4/11 Four-Year-Old Boy - He wanted to be with his father, but he was found on the street wearing a dress and carrying an open can of beer. 
4/11 Eight-Year-Old Transsexual Shocks Japanese School - Skyrocketing numbers of boys with gender identity disorders challenge schools.
3/11 What You've Never Seen a Guy In a Skirt Before? - A guy from Orlando, Florida, wears a skirt everyday and everywhere!
3/11 How to Dress Harajuku Style - The outlandishly fancy and feminine styles that started in Japan.
2/11 Depression Era Sissy Boys in the Movies - Commentary on the long list of sissified boys popular in 1930s depression era movies.
2/11 A "real boy" and not a sissy: gender, childhood, and masculinity, 1890-1940 - investigating real life sissy origins.
2/11 The Feminine Boy in the Blue Dress - About a drag queen growing up. (Go to the second show review at the bottom of this page.)
2/11 Engaging Boys in the Arts - Making our schools safe for sissies.
2/11 Petticoating - a Definition - from the Uncyclopedia an in depth article with illustrations and links about our favorite subject.
1/11 Granny Panties are Hazardous to National Security - Photo, Article & Blog - An old-fashioned grandmother kept her lingerie secret.
1/11 The Bloomer Girls : America's Dress Reform Movement of the 1850s - Illustrated museum article.
11/10 ABGender - A lot of info and links for crossdressers and transgendered people.
11/10 Ringbearer to Flowergirl - This page on this commercial bridal web site contains many posts about real boys crossdressing in wedding parties!
10/10 Florida Boy Sent Home from School for Dressing Like a Girl - Gay, 16-year-old crossdresser causing a disruption in school.

6/11 Worth Point - Lovely vintage pink nylon ruffle rhumba panties.
6/11 Panties of All Types - eBay auction them all including some great vintage and rhumba panties.
4/11 Double Layer Panty in Nylon - This auction ended but you can still click on the panty picture for a lovely view of it.
12/10 Vintage Panties - eBay - Why old-fashioned panties are so collectable, illustrated.
10/10 What Boys Need to know When Buying Panties - On eBay: How to match up male and female sizing systems, plus other info.
10/10 Auction: Sissy Panty Boy - Bras, panties, skirts and other items for sale for sale from eBay.
10/10 Auction: Sissy Panty Boy Answers - eBay guides answers questions about panty boys and related topics.

6/11 Boys' Toddler Dress from 1868 - From a time when we knew how to dress our little boys to keep them calm and respectful.
6/11 Boys Under Five Wearing Skirts - Forum about boys fashions in 1800 when small boys wore skirts until school age.
6/11 Boys Under Five - 'Vintage Textile' Illustrations of boys' dresses from 1870 linked to  blog information above.
6/11 Pure Stardoll Genius - Cute sissy boy art with links to other sissy art pictures.
4/11 Daddy Feminization - Featuring fathers who have been feminized by their daughters!
4/11 Transvestite Panties - All about a guy who was renamed about ''Panties" and his Mistress and associated girlie-boy happenings.
4/11 Female Domination by Miss Julie - Archive of her blog from 1996 through to 2008. You can look up all the old postings.
4/11 Heaven69-Blog - In your browser, click on 'translate' to read in English. Pantied pussyboy gay story in two parts with art.
4/11 A Few Pictures of My Breasts - He had gynecomastia, an enlargement of his breasts into very girlie titties!
3/11 Pretty Dresses for All - Lucy discusses petticoat punishment.
3/11 Bizarre Medical Tales - A Pregnant Man! - Scroll down to item #3 in the list and read all about it!
3/11 Gender Bending - A mother tells how she deals with twins one boy, one girl that both are like girls.
2/11 UK Transvestite Blog - with links and commentary to a variety of crossdressing sites.
2/11 Is There Still Such a Thing as "Sissy" Boys' Names? - Baby naming site discusses 'sissy' boy names, includes a cute photo.
2/11 Sissy Boy Blog - This wimp is sucking his wife's strap-on dildo.
1/11 He Wears Panties - Archive - The Counter Culture Blog - "It's OK to be you."
12/10 Transvestite Faggotry - Drag queens, cocksucking sissies and crossdressing fetishes.
11/10 Rachel Ross - Rachel (a female) and her Blog & Archive with many TV stories, scroll down to Transsexual and other story categories.
11/10 Girlie Boards - Join for free to link to long list of crossdressing blogs, stories, pictures etc.
11//10 I am A Sissy - Another site to join for free to link to stories and crossdressing items of interest.
11/10 Houseboys - Long list of stories for your reading pleasure. No sign-in needed.
10/10 Do You Like Boys in Panties? - Yahoo! answers opens this discussion for reader's comments.
10/10 First Time Panty Boy with the Babysitter - With true story of his indoctrination into the world of sissy panty boys.
10/10 Why Do Boys Like Girls' Panties So Much? - People add their comments to this question.
10/10 Boys in Dresses - Mom is concerned about her pre-school son who likes to wear dresses.

6/11 Simmergirl - "Sissy - Story of a Girl" is about a guy who is mysteriously turning into a girl. Also links to pics and blogs.
4/11 Our Crumbling Civilization: Girly Boy Edition - Commentary on young school boys who want to come to school as girls.
4/11 More from AsianFanatics Forum - Why are sissified Japanese boy performance artists considered cute?
4/11 Akiba 'Trap' Bar - The Japanese have a fascination with cute, crossdressed males: In this bar, these beauties serve as the waitresses.
3/11 He Wears Panties - Men describe why they wear panties and how they started on their road to sissyhood.
2/11 "I Would Love to Find a Sissy Boy I Could Dress Up" - from the Experience Project - sign up for FREE for adult content.
2/11 Skirt Boys - Lifting Up Numbers - Japan said to have the world's highest percentage of feminine boys.
2/11 Men Love to Wear Panties - 36% of males love to wear panties! From the Female First Forum with a lot of commentary by females.
10/10 Crossdressing, Boys Versus Girls - Why is it OK for a girl to wear boys' clothes, but a boy isn't supposed to wear girls' clothes?

Free Sites with Some Stories & Pictures
6/11 Crossdressing Links - Photos, videos, and information, plus a nice article on the evolution of crossdressing in recent decades.
12/10 The Barely Legal Babysitter - She knows you wear panties under your boy clothes and she knows she can make a cocksucker out of you.
12/10 Boys Who Wear Dresses: Who is to Blame? - Maybe his father, who is a priest and wears a frock for church services!
11/10 Princess  Lynne's Forced Feminization Site - Many free stories and you don't have to register.
11/10 Femdomale - Many interesting stories, articles, pictures and other info.
11/10 Petticoat Punishment - Angelfire personal site with limited content.

6/11 Assorted Information About Petticoats - Links to items of interest for those who love everything about petticoats.
6/11 Assorted  Information About Panties - Links to sites about panties, some funny, some practical and informative.
12/10 The Real Unabashed Queer - In his Courtney Love Halloween costume.
12/10 The Museum of Childhood - A display showing a bright red dress for a boy from 1850.
11/10 Dressup Games - Many of these teenage girl computer paperdolls have boys that you can put into the girls' clothes.
11/10 The Urban Dictionary - They define 'Panty Boy' - do you agree with their definition?
11/10 The Urban Dictionary - They define 'panties' as the greatest word in the English language!

Pay Sites with Some Free Content
6/11 Pattie's Page - Only available for a limited time. Beautiful sample pics of great panties and slips. Very low price for more photos.
3/11 All Me Stories - Femdom site has a lot of free stories with many about slut wives, cuckold husbands and fetishes.
2/11 Jackoff in Lingerie - links to tons of free preview pictures of this sissy boy jackoff website.
2/11 Phone Sex Site for Sissy Boys - from England, but has a lot of FREE short stories, comments and photos.
2/11 Pantie Boys - free tour of site with many photos and videos for crossdressing panty boys.
2/11 The Naughty Librarian - has sexy stories on sissies and related femdom subjects.
2/11 Strapped in Silk - Loads of free stories, photos, audio, video, and art for the sissy boy. Click 'enter' and explore.
2/11 Very Pretty Young Sissy Boy Gets it Up the Ass - He's in a lovely outfit and has his cock and balls locked up as he gets dildo fucked.
2/11 Sissy Baby in Diaper - sissy happily displays himself in his girlish babydoll nightie top and diapers.
1/11 Pantykin Community - Panties on guys, check out the samples, gay, sissies, shemales etc.
1/11 Shemale Sissy Videos - Still photos as a free preview of a video on pay site with a boy and crossdresser on a park bench like lovers.
12/10 Wearing Panties - Guy caught in panties and sexed up by girls. [Note: In French, for English, click the 'translate' button on your browser.]
12/10 Sissyboy - Info, videos and audio recordings for sissies, panty lovers and crossdressers of all sorts.
11/10 The Femdom Forum - Register for access to many items of interest, contribute for a full membership.
11/10 Sneakypedia - Peek at unsuspecting upskirt gals for your pleasure with free many samples.
10/10 She Loves Pantyboys - Contains a free audio (MP3) sample of lady hypnotist speaking to you pantyboys. At site, click on the arrow.

Personal Contact
10/10 Personal Contact: Date a Crossdresser! - Bzoink: Crossdressers and all types of transgender lovelies ready to meet and date you.*

Personal Websites
6/11 Boys in Boys' Beauty Contest from 1954 - Unidentified photo of boys in fancy dress costumes.
4/11 Kim Petras - Young German beauty - Also see his/her video interview "World's Youngest Transsexual" below in video section.
3/11 Katherine's Transgender Pages - Katherine Dubois is a fellow who makes a very elegant lady, and she has a beautiful website!
12/10 Boys Will Be... - Family website with two cute boys vamping it up in their mom's high heals.
11/10 Little Giselle - Advice on taking crossdressing photos of yourself. Unfortunately most of the crossdressing links are no longer active.

6/11 Japanese Manga Artist - He loves to dress up like the cute girlie characters he draws.
6/11 Sissy Captions - Photos with blurbs diapers, crossdressing, spanking, femdom, something for all sissies.
6/11 Crossdressers' Playground - Some free videos and many photos femdom, crossdressing sissy slave males.
6/11 Bruce Connew - Time magazine article about 'Fa'afafine" meaning 'like a woman' about  feminized men in the South Pacific.
6/11 The Cat Lady - Pictures of a boy's cotton dimity dress from the 1850s with article.
6/11 LIL - Pictures, Stories, Adventures & Discussions - links to many captioned photos about crossdressers,
4/11 Happy Easter! - He not only steals colored Easter eggs, he steals his sister's panties too!
2/11 These Boys are Best Friends and Like to Dress Up Like Girls - Colorful wigs and fancy, slutty dresses suit them just fine.
2/11 Schoolgirl - Transvestite sissy in his schoolgirl uniform with his panties showing.
2/11 Fabulous Fifties Girl - Is really a guy in full-skirted 50s dresses with cancan petticoats.
2/11 Cross Dressing Picture Gallery - dozens of guys all dressed up for your pleasure.
2/11 Korean Pretty Boys! - Too feminine to be believed or just misunderstood?
12/10 Real Boys Wear Pink Tutus - We agree! 
10/10 Boys in Mary Janes - Also Sissy in schoolgirl uniforms and fancy toddler dresses with cancan petticoats.
10/10 Frilly Rhumba Panties : Who loves rhumba panties? You do! Here's a guy's personal collection of dozens of rhumba panty photos.

Pictures & Stories
1/11 Guys in Girdles - Photos and articles with everything you wanted to know about guys in girdles.
10/10 The Past Adventures of Roger Chappy - Photos and stories about crossdressing, panties, spanking, girdles, stockings and more.
10/10 Art & Fiction: Transgender Archive - Hundreds of modified art and photo images for sissy and crossdresser interests, some with stories.

6/11 Milano Lolita Dresses - Beautiful, very fancy Lolita dresses for costume  parties and dressup fun.
6/11 Milano Lolita Bloomers - This retailer also stocks various styles of bloomers for under your Lolita dresses.
4/11 Ruffle Butts Panties - Lovely ruffled rhumba panties for your child to play in for people to see and enjoy!
4/11 Ruffle Butts Cancan Petticoats - Delightful cancan petticoats for your child's outer wear from this lovely clothing supplier.
2/11 Sissy Boy Store - this Amsterdam retailer is NOT for sissies, but the whole family, but with a name like Sissy Boy it's worth a visit.
1/11 Bloomers & Plastic Panties - Contains a nice chart for bloomers to properly gauge what size you need according to your measurements.
11/10 Chimera - Supplier of vintage clothing Medieval to Victorian & Edwardian - corset, petticoats, lace collars, pinafores, etc.
11/10 Ali Express - Wholesale dealer of Boys' Cotton Panties.
11/10 Satin Rose Intimates - Company sells beautiful lingerie including old-fashioned brief-style panties, slips, etc.
11/10 Secrets in Lace - Some great full-cut panty photos, plus slips and other great lingerie.
11/10 The Sissy Store - Lingerie page featuring full-cut and fancy panties. This site also offers a complete line of fetish and crossdressing clothing.
10/10 Girl Boy Girl - Book unmasks mysterious author JT Leroy who claimed he was an abused boy crossdresser and the frenzy that followed.
10/10 Girls Dressup Clothes and Boys Costumes - Nice photos of all types of kids' costumes for Halloween and other occasions.
10/10 Flower Girl Dresses - Company sells beautiful little girl dresses, lacy ankle socks, petticoats and accessories for little girls.
10/10 LD Fashions - Lingerie, frilly dresses and accessories for crossdressers, also customer letters and other extras.
10/10 The Breast Forms Store - Lingerie, costumes and accessories for crossdressers, plus great breast forms for the perfect female figure.

Select Sites of Interest
6/11 Bettie Page - What happened to her; the life story of the world's greatest pinup from the 1950-70s with RARE lingerie color photos.
6/11 Are Boys Who Wear Panties Gay? - Wikianswers addresses the issue with comments.
6/11 Does Wearing Women's Panties Make Me Gay? - Another article with readers comments.
4/11 Advice Column - Having second thoughts: Mother asks for help when her ten-year-old son complains about being a girl.
4/11 Advice Column - Is our five-year-old very feminine son too young to have his pair permed? 
3/11 Yale University's List of Crossdressing Publications - Who could ever imagine that Yale would have such a huge collections of TG books!
12/10 Answers to Questions About Vintage Lingerie - Collector will answer your old-fashioned lingerie questions.
12/10 Pink for Girls and Blue for Boys? - Maybe not! Here's how it used to be.
12/10 Boys Wear Pink - More on what's fashionable for boys. Cute "Boys Wear Pink T-shirt."
12/10 Blue is for Boys - And here's a blue boys' (?) baby dress with bloomer panties.
11/10 Multi Age Pageants - Links to many, many sites of girls of all ages in beauty contests wearing fabulous frilly dresses and other outfits.

6/11 Tall and Huge Women Fantasy Stories - Especially click on the first story "The Wedding of Tina LIttle and Max Bigg" 
6/11 Evil Stepparents Used Petticoat Punishment - Every little thing he did was wrong but they knew how to make him behave!
4/11 Sexual Masqueraders - Article, case histories and stories on transvestism from a rare, old 1967 book.
4/11 My Mistress Humiliated Me in Public - she sees no need to keep my sissy maid status a secret from the world!
4/11 My Stern Aunt and Sneaky Girl Cousins - He was tricked into wearing a pinafore and then petticoat punished!
4/11 Witnessing a Girl's Spanking Led to My Punishment - My Aunt taught me a lesson in sissy punishment.
4/11 FemDom Stories - Miss Julie's site is inactive for a long time, but here is her story "Slave to Pussy." 
3/11 Dirty Panties and Other Thrill Tales - a huge 384 book in PDF form about the life and change of a male to female.
3/11 The Files of the Dressmore Society - Prissy's sissies tells about this organization of dominant females who feminize males.
3/11 Speculum - A huge collection of stories with an enema theme, some stories involve crossdressing.
2/11 "Borrowed Parts" - a crazy little '10-minute' play about being a sissy and a man's reaction to it.
12/10 Rick Oh's Story Site - About 100 free stories about cuckolds, spanking, creampies, femdom, etc.
11/10 The Erotic Tales of AL X - Sissy, cuckold, panty and female domination stories.
11/10 MaleSpank - Gay male spanking site with loads of good stories, some with crossdressing.

1/11 Guys Wearing Panties - Best & Worst.com wants to know and they want you to participate.

Videos & Animation
NOTE: If you can't view videos, we recommend using RealPlayer. Click here to download the latest FREE RealPlayer viewer

6/11 Femmy Panty Boy Dances - He loves flipping up his skirt to show you his pretty panties.
6/11 Born a Boy, Child is Now Living as a Girl - Little cutie from the time he was two, he said he was a boy not a girl.
6/11 Panty Shot Music Video - by Mindless Self Indulgence - Lead male singer with high-waisted white panties showing over his low-cut pants.
6/11 Boy Afghanistan - A common practice in this crazy country is to dress young boys as dancing girls and then use them like girls.
6/11 Rebecca's World - Transgender videos, stories, pictures, captions and more. Also links to pay websites.
4/11 Leading Actress - Animated GIFs: Doing a proper curtsey, falling down in a dress and ... doing what I think she's doing!
4/11 Sissy Boy Upskirt - A fun GIF with a girl whose skirt goes up to reveal that she's really a boy!
3/11 "Worlds Youngest Transsexual" Kim Petras on "This Morning" - Television interview with the beautiful preteen boy to girl.
3/11 Transvestite Wives Part 1 - Women married to transvestites talk about and show in videos their relationship with their crossdressing husbands.
3/11 Transvestite Wives Part 2 - More women and the men they married who are crossdressers. They talk about their relationships.
3/11 Bloomer Boy - Watch this guy put on a pair of silky white bloomers in a store dressing room!
3/11 Making a Granny Panties Drink - Here's the recipe, and it's a great conversation starter, to start your friends talking about panties!
2/11 Sissy Boy is Dressed Like a Doll to Do the House Cleaning - He's in a very sweet, heavily ruffled babydoll dress with full accessories.
2/11 Sissy Boy in Ribbons, Frills and Stretched Pink Panties - This sissy boy flits around like the world's biggest pussy boy!
2/11 Sissyboy Forced Feminization & Picture Site - Pretty mistresses on with site with short movies and pics to tease you.
2/11 Crossdressing a Turn Off to Women? - Male and female TV show hosts a sex show and discuss crossdressing sex.
2/11 Two Very Cute Japanese Girls in Maids' Outfits get played with and toe fucked through their white nylon panties.
2/11 Kid Dancing Around in His Sister's Panties - Short clip; he can't stand still in those silky panties!
2/11 Cute Transvestite Anal Punished in Lingerie - A FREE video at this 'pay site' with his mistress having him dildo butt fucked and then wanked.
2/11 Little Boy in Pink Dress and High Heels - He dances around like a sissy much to his sister's astonished reaction.
1/11 Boy Forced to Wear Girls Clothes - These girls take charge! But this cute boy says putting on girls' underwear is "too faggy and going too far!"
1/11 Three Guys & Young Boy in Drag - The guys still need a lot of work, but the little boy is really cute.
1/11 Andrew Dancing - Mom dressed up little boy and has him dancing and acting like a girl.
1/11 Teen Upskirt - Girl caught in windy weather unable to hold down her skirt forcing exposure of her pink panties.
1/11 Ready OK! - For school project boy dress up as a girl and his mother tries to talk him out of it.
1/11 Jaymes as "Jennifer" - Eight-year-old boy with his sister dress up in their mother's dresses.
1/11 Mandy Wibley - Australian TV series shows tow boys dressed up as girls.
1/11 You Naughty Boy! - A girl leisurely pulls up her skirt and spreads her legs as she adjusts her stockings and panties.
1/11 Cindy's Brother as a Girl Episode 6 [Taylor and Cindy show] - Two girls put boy in tights, bra, dress and makeup.
1/11 Womanless Wedding, Gordon GA 1965 - Over a dozen men and boys get all dolled up for the wedding.
1/11 Boys Dressed as Girls in Public for Punishment - Three teen boys in miniskirts, makeup and the works - they make nice looking girls!
1/11 I was in a womanless beauty pageant - A whole line of boys parade around dresses as girls. Part 123
1/11 Makeover Bram - From lingerie to nail polish and wig boy is fully made up and then goes to school.
1/11 Two Charged with Beating Cheerleader Boy - He loved doing his tumbling to cheer on the team but two homophobes couldn't handle it!

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