Following the great success of BJ's Frilly Boys #1, we are happy to present volume #2, containing more of Barbara Jean's exciting petticoat punishment drawings. In this highly specialized genre, BJ is among the truly great artists. Her pictures are considered classics by girlie-boy connoisseurs the world over, yet very few people have ever had a chance to see most of her drawings, because in the past, only isolated pictures have been published. Now, for the first time, we offer a series containing a major collection of BJ's art. 
   Here are the aristocratic mothers and elegant, domineering ladies who so deftly coerce their young boys into the frilliest of dresses and the laciest of old-fashioned lingerie. We've added an exciting caption to each drawing, making each picture a complete story in itself.
   This booklet is X-rated and contains nineteen intricate BJ drawings. If you are ordering by mail-order, we highly recommend that you buy the color version to fully appreciate these works of fine sissyboy art.