The Demale Society is a secret organization of women, who turn males into "demales," their term for crossdressers, homosexuals, sissies and (mental and physical) eunuchs – wimps are the only types of males they deem tolerable.
   They say traditional males are responsible for the majority of war and crime, and they hope to change that by turning all males, forcibly if necessary, into demales who will be submissive, peaceful, gentle, and accepting of female rule.
   All around the world, the Society quietly gains converts and discreetly transforms males one by one. Being a secret society, they shun public exposure, and it is a rare treat to be able to offer you these training manuals. We received these materials anonymously, along with permission to reprint them for your enlightenment.
   This volume contains lessons on how to train and feminize boys to be part of a new generation of peace-loving males. These manuals teach by describing actual situations, females telling how they successfully turned boys into demales. This first volume includes Lesson #1: Training Boys with Nail Polish; Lesson #2: Training Boys with Lipstick; and Lessons #3 A & B: Training Boys with Panties." Stories contain some strong sexual elements and are illustrated with 10 photos.