The Demale Society Training Manual Vol #4 continues with illustrated lessons by this secret organization of women, who are turning males into "demales," their term for crossdressers, homosexuals, sissies and (mental and physical) eunuchs. They believe wimps are the only type of males acceptable in the new world order.

   In these lessons the Society's women teach by example and illustrate how to destroy traditional male attitudes and beliefs and supplant them with feminine ideals while teaching males to be submissive toward all females.

   This lesson focuses on clever methods to demale unsuspecting males, lessons that are especially effective with difficult or uncooperative males. The first story tells how a woman took charge of her husband, father and two sons. The second story shows how to create the right atmosphere for feminizing male minds and bodies. The use of female hormones is extensively discussed and examples given on how to discreetly administer them, and how to use them to destroy male ideas and ways.

   This volume includes Lessons #4-D & 4-E: Training Boys: How It works. Stories contain some strong sexual elements and are illustrated with 12 photos.

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