The Demale Society Training Manual Vol. #22 continues with illustrated lessons by this secret organization of women who are turning males into "demales" -- fags and wimps -- the only types of males acceptable in the new world order.
   By example, women teach each other how to destroy old male attitudes and supplant them with feminine ideals. They addict males to panties and other fetishes and train them to be submissive toward all females.
   Ballroom dancing classes to indoctrinate boys into sissydom; Girl-boy tells how he was brought up to revere females; Feminized demale finds lifetime of answers; My wife made me her cuckold in panties and is now feminizing our son; Turned into a sissy maid after being caught with panties in my pocket; Nightly prayer for sissyboys in training; Meet a teenage girl with a panty fetish who feminizes Navy boys and trains them to panties too! 
  This volume includes some stories and lessons with strong sexual elements and is illustrated with 1 drawing and 12 photos, including the Demale Society Poster Boy for January 2005.

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