Demale Society Training Manual #48

Here's an excerpt from one of the stories in Demale issue #48

Scott’s Mom Introduces Him to Penis Douching

An example is Scott, the son of one of our members, Edna. She and her daughter, Sandy, have been demaling him now for four months. Mother and daughter now regularly go around the house in just their lingerie, and both females have full control over Scott’s penis and his bathroom functions. He already has nice breast development -- as shown in the one enclosed photo taken at our annual Demale Society costume party — his sister is cupping his one budding breast — a nice girlish mound equal to the development of many teen girls. Daily he takes a male hormone blocker and female hormones disguised as amino acids and multi vitamins.

Scott had been a rough boy to demale. But they eventually broke him of his nasty masculine ways by panty training him and then wanking him off into his silky panties with great frequency, often several times a day, and as his hormone therapy increasingly took hold, they could see how it affected his erections and ability to shoot cum.

Just two months ago, after first learning about penis douching at one of our weekly meetings, his mother took this additional step toward breaking him and furthering his sissy training by douching his dickie after she shamed him when she complained about his crotch smelling like stale pee.

She opted to use the Fleet disposable enema bottle on his thick six-and-a-half inch penis. She marched him upstairs to the master bathroom and had him remove his Lee jeans and pink rhumba panties. She inspected his stained panties and reprimanded him for not showing proper respect for his sissy panties by defining them with smelly boy dick drippings. As she kept berating him for his lack of hygiene, she lubed up the enema nozzle and said, “I’m going to teach you how to clean this disgusting piece of meat between your legs. So pay attention because you will have to do this to yourself on a regular basis or take a chance on getting a serious infection. Plus, it will prevent you from going around smelling like a piss pot.” She then plunged the nozzle into the pee hole of his semi-hard sissy clit. As the water flushed out his urethra and ran back out alongside the nozzle of the enema bottle, she kept up his brainwashing.

“Real boys,” she said in exasperation, “don’t have to douche their manly cocks, only sissy boys because their repulsive little sissy dicks don’t get hard like they used to and increasingly become limp noodles causing their penises to never completely drain after urinating and some pee stays in there becoming stale, rancid, smelly and a danger to their health.”

Edna had him douching three times a week. She had his big sister Sandy regularly monitored him for penis cleanliness. It was great to see his sister make him drop his jeans whenever she so pleased and then put her face down to the crotch of his fancy panties to see if she could smell any repulsive odors emanating from his boy parts. Of course, at such times, she’d usually take the opportunity to jerk on his penis a bit to test his responsiveness and see how long it took her to make him at least partially hard. She did it all in a businesslike way, of course, like a nurse checking his pulse.

But once the Androcour fully kicked in, Sandy noticed in her regular morning panty-penis inspections that he was no longer having those pesky morning erections and that it was taking him longer and longer to get a boner, so she informed their mother, who then began making him douche his dick on a daily basis. Threats of the possibly of having to cut off his penis due to infection did wonders to get him to adhere to the program. In addition, now he willingly wears dresses around the house because he has been convinced that they allow air to circulate around his panty-entrapped penis — supposedly to keep it aired out and to diminish the risk of developing an infection. Silly sissy boys believe such bullshit without question!

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