Continuing in the format of volume #1, we present dozens of items we collected from our panty-fetishist readers. Here are their favorite jack-off materials: photos, drawings, letters and short stories about panties on males and females of all ages and types. Included in this issue: dozens of pictures and stories about feminizing women, sissyboys, and hopelessly lost panty fetishists. 
   Reprinted here are news clippings and excerpts about panty thieves, panty pissers, husbands who wear lacy panties and the women who tease and put up with them, little boys who want to be girls and those that have been punished in panties for being naughty, guys who get turned on buying panties and lingerie in women's stores, and boys who get caught stealing them, trying them on and masturbating into them. Also a woman with a lover in panties and another woman who loves to suck off her boyfriend while he's wearing a big pair of his mother's panties. Plus mothers and gay boys love boys in panties too!
   Everything about pretty, lacy, old-fashioned panties is here for your masturbating pleasure. Pictures and stories are rated from "G" to "X" and illustrated with 17 photos and 4 drawings.