Inside Girls Panties #5 continues with a plethora of exciting material supplied by our faithful and resourceful panty-loving fetish fans.
   In this issue "Dominated By My Cousin" about taking charge of naughty little boys who play with themselves, "Mistress Maid" about a woman who turned her sissy husband into her devoted servant, "Intimate Interview" about a boy who thought he had gotten away with masturbating into his aunt's panties only to find out years later that she knew exactly what he had done, "A Fantasy Fulfilled" about a salesman who got caught wearing panties by one of his customers, and she and her teenage daughter use him for their entertainment, plus a great photo of a boy with breasts, and many other stories including "I Caught My Brother Shooting Off In Mother's Panties", "Girlie to My Aunt and Uncle", and the famous 1977 Love magazine story "Stroking Her Penis."
   Panty punishments, boys with sexual identity issues, hormone problems, small penises and domineering girlfriends, and more! More! More! Pictures and stories are rated from "G" to "X" and illustrated with 3 drawing and 13 photos.