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How to get FREE sample pages mailed to your postal address (not available online):
1. New mail-order customers: We will send you FREE sample pages from our various publications to your postal address. We will also include a FREE copy of our Giant Erotic Used Book & Video Sale Catalog. (If you have ordered for download to your computer, that does not count, you are still entitled to receive our free samples ONE TIME.)
2. Phone, write or email us and ask for free samples. FREE SAMPLES DELIVERED BY SNAIL MAIL ONLY . We cannot send the catalog and free samples by email.
3. You must supply us with your name (no initials, "box holder" etc.) and postal mailing address.
4. You must state that you are of legal age to receive adult material.
5. Either call us at 847/376-8781 (best time to call is during afternoons Chicago time) . Email us at or write to us at: Princess Productions, PO Box 1184, Des Plaines, IL 60017-1184, USA.

Giant Erotic Used Book & Video Sale Catalog (First time mail-order customers receive a FREE copy!)
Our catalog lists over 1,000 books and magazines, published and unpublished manuscripts, and videos that we have for sale from our private library. Only one copy is available of most items. Many rare and old items. Subject focus: sissyboys, petticoat punishment, lingerie fetishism, transvestitism, panties, dominant females, infantilism, spanking, submissive males etc. with book reviews and commentary. $5 for catalog. If you have never before placed a mail-order order with us (does not include instant access online orders), we will send you a free catalog with your first mail-order order.
beautiful pretty panties for sale
Pretty Panties for Sale
Our panties are custom-made, silky 100% nylon, frilly, elastic-leg, 1950s-style, full-cut briefs with lace and bows like those mentioned in our publications. Every sissyboy should be wearing a pair of these pretty panties while reading our stories. We have a selection of different styles and colors in sizes from very small to very large sizes -- big & tall too! Email us for a complete list of panty styles available and prices. Contact us by email at , regular mail (address below) or simply call us at 847-376-8781 and request a catalog.

How to Order by Telephone, Email or Regular Mail for Mail-Order delivery to your postal address OR online access and download to your computer without using our automated banking system.

Telephone Orders: Call (847) 376-8781. NOTE: You are welcome to try and call us anytime, but we do not have regular office hours. Usually the best time to reach us is afternoons and early evenings, Chicago time. If we are not available when you call, our answering machine is on 24 hours a day. We will return your call at an appointed time, or you can tell us when you will try to call us again, and we will try to be available for when you call back. Have your order and charge card ready when you call. We only take VISA and MasterCard.

Email Orders: You can e-mail us your order at especially if you already have your charge card information on file with us. We also have a safe and secure way for you to email us your charge card information. If you want details,  just send us an email and ask us.

Regular Mail Orders: Payment by personal check, charge card, money order or cash. (We do not recommend sending any large amount of cash through the mail.) To order, print out this order form, fill it out and then mail with your payment to:

How to Pay for Your Order: Pay by Check, Cash, or Bank Charge Card. Order by telephone, email or regular "snail" mail. Simply give us your charge card information (card number and expiration date) and order. For emailing charge orders, we have a secure method for you to send us charge card information. For details, email us at and ask us. We only take MasterCard , Visa, Discover or American Express credit or debit cards.

Prices & Mail-Order Form
Print this order form to mail or fax your order.
For a free preview of any publication, click here . .
Circle the items below you want to order and fill in the blanks.

FULL COLOR BOOKLETS $19.95 per publication. Combo discounts: 3 for $55 and 6 for $99 or 12 for $189. These titles are now available:

* NAME CHANGE please note: To improve some of our older publications as well as better organize them, we are completely reworking the content and renaming them.
* Below see that Picture Album #8 is now Boys in Wet Dresses #2 and Photo Sets #6 and #7 are now Boys in Wet Dresses #3 and Boys in Wet Dresses #4 GIANT EROTIC USED BOOK & VIDEO SALE CATALOG $5 for Sale Catalog.

NOTE: If you are a new customer, you must fill out the following disclaimer and include it with your order.
I certify by my signature that I am an adult and that I wish to order material from Princess Productions for my own use at home. I am not an employee of the U.S. Postal Service, a law enforcement officer or member of any legislative or government agency investigating or working to restrict pornography or sexually oriented material in any way. Furthermore, I am acting neither as an individual nor as part of an organization investigating or working to restrict pornography or sexually oriented material in any way. I am not ordering this material to use it for the prosecution or harassment of any individual or organization. I certify that I have not, as of this date, signed U.S. Postal form 2201 (pursuant to 39 USC 3010) which officially lists me as not wanting to receive adult material through the mail, and I have no intention of signing said form 2201 in the future.

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    US First Class postage is $7.00 for 1st item and 50 cents for each additional item. Maximum of $13.
    Foreign orders are shipped Global Priority or Air Mail. Foreign postage add 25% to your order. $13 Minimum postage.

Name and address you want the order sent to:

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If you would like to be on our online mailing list, send us your e-mail address.

Thank you for your order.

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