Photo Set #2 Guys in Panties Series

Photo Set #2: Penises Pulsating in Vintage Panties

43 full-color photos of guys showing off their penises the old-fashioned way in beautiful, silky, lacy 1950s-style panties!

Here they are! Just to looking at these guys not afraid to show off their sissiness with their cocks erect to the max in fancy panties will surely inspire you to spill your cum in your own panties! Big cocks and little willies, hard penises and limp dicks, all make a bulge most people would never expect to find in a pair of feminine panties, but we think they make an exciting sissyboy panty display, and we present dozens of them in this unique publication. Here they are: skinny and fat, long and short and firm and soft, gloriously presented like no macho man would ever want his penis to be seen, but these adult male sissies live to wear silky panties and shoot their cum into them. Being a panty boy is not a scourge but an exciting lifestyle with sexual thrills unknown to most other guys. Join the fun! Rated “R” to “X” with 43 photos.

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