Pussy Boy Pages #3 contains stories and pictures posted during early April 2004 to our Pussy Boy RSVP website that is made up of items sent to us by our readers and website visitors.
  In this issue: "Davy's Dare" a boy and his best friend dare each other to wear stockings, a training bra and panties under their clothes to school. "When Mom Joined the Demale Society" tells what happen from the boy victim's point of view when his mother joins this group and starts to feminize him. "Likes Being a Sissy Little Girl" about a boy who always knew he wanted to be a girl and not a boy.
  Also a newspaper article with a picture of a boy who wears a dress to school and takes the school to court to let him do it.
  Plus many interesting photos of boys in sissy and girlie clothes, and a couple of fun drawings, one shows a boy tied up and forcibly masturbated in his panties.
  Stories and features contain spanking, teasing, and humiliation as well as consensual crossdressing. Items are rated from "G" to "X" and illustrated with 6 drawings and 12 photos.

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