Pussy Boy Pages #7


Sissy Clitty Boy

Tommy was too cute for his own good: a slender body, a thick mane of chestnut brown hair, and a face that was too pretty to be a boy's face. It didn't help that his mother liked to comb his hair forward into bangs in front. He was the youngest of three children, and the worst part was that he was prettier than his two older sisters. Sarah, their mother was a teacher, and David, their father, was a salesman who traveled most of the time. David loved his son, but he was upset that his boy was almost as girlish as his sisters. David wasn't around very much to be a role model for little Tommy.

Jessica, the oldest, was now an attractive and well-developed fifteen year old. Her perky 32-Bs were already poking nicely through her tight white sweaters. And Sally, now thirteen, was showing signs of catching up with her. Both girls were tall and slender with blue eyes and blond hair.

Tommy's mother and two older sisters were the major influence in his life. Jessie and Sally liked to tease him and make him cry. Since they lived out in the country, Tommy didn't have any male friends to play with, and until his mother got home from teaching school each day, he spent most of his time avoiding his sisters by staying in his room, playing with the Nintendo or reading books.

Jessie and Sally shared a bedroom, so Tommy had a room to himself, but all three had to share the same bathroom, and when he was taking a shower, the girls would often barge in unexpectedly under the pretense of needing to use the sink and mirror. The girls knew he was shy and delighted in teasing him this way because the practically transparent shower curtain provided very little privacy. Sometimes they would pull back the shower curtain and make fun of him. It happened again today.

"Sally, look at this cute little girl. She should be taking a bubble bath not a shower,” and as she said that, Jessie grabbed Tommy's shaking hands and arms, exposing his smooth naked body.

"Jessie, look, at what this little girl has between her legs."

Sally grabbed Tommy's little wiener and squeezed it. "What's THIS?" she giggled.

Laughing, Jessie grabbed at Tommy's flat chest and squeezed a nipple as she looked down between his cringing rubbery legs. "Well, it kind of looks like a boy's penis … BUT MUCH SMALLER. Maybe, SHE just has a big CLITTY."

Hysterically laughing, both girls rushed out of the bathroom. Tommy slumped down in the tub and cried. His right nipple was sore where Jessie had grabbed and twisted it, and his penis was standing up from being grabbed by Sally.

Sarah yelled upstairs to the girls, "Leave your brother alone! If you girls are teasing him again, I'll tell your father when he gets back in town. Do you want me to do that?"

"No, mother dear," the girls chimed their reply in unison as they scurried back to their room.

"Girls, I want you down here in ten minutes for breakfast -- you too, Tommy. Do you all hear me?”

Tommy was too distraught to answer. He just toweled himself off and hurried back to his bedroom. Naked, he jumped into bed and pulled the covers over himself. Moments later, the two girls rushed into his room, pulled off his covers and forced a pair of purple satin panties up his thin legs. He tried to pull them down as fast as they were overpowering him and pulling the panties up and over his skinny little ass, but they slapped his hands away and made him cry some more.

Sally said, “Hey, listen, sissy! You're not a boy, so don't try to act like one. You're a sissy, and you should start dressing like one. We just put you in your first pair of panties – that's what sissies wear, panties – girls' panties – faggy lavender lacy girls' panties.”

“These panties are really pretty and so soft and silky,” Jessica added, “and we know you'll love wearing them. They'll tickle your clitty and help you swish your sissy little hips as you walk. And you're going to wear pretty little panties from now on. We're donating this pair of panties to you, but you'll have to ask mom to buy you some panties of your own.”

The girls left him there crying. As they walked out of his room, they warned him to keep them on or they would strip him naked at school and put him in not just panties but a frilly dress too in front of all the other kids.

When Jessie and Sally got downstairs, their mother asked, "Where's your brother? I don't want you kids late for school."

"What BROTHER?" the girls giggled in response. “Do you mean TOMMIE?"

“All right, girls, what are you up to now? Did you tease him and make him cry again?"

Jessie spoke up. "He's…. I mean SHE'S just a SISSY anyway. He's not a real boy. He should have been a girl."

"OK, girls, I've just about had it with you two."

Sally complained, "Mom, we didn't do anything."

"I'll be the judge of that. And if you did, I spank your sassy little bottoms!"

Through his tears, Tommy had been looking at the strange panties covering his hips, fingering the lace and frills and feeling the teasing silky fabric against his skin. He wanted to take them off, but he was afraid his sisters would carry out their threat. He wanted to just stay in bed and forget this whole day. As he heard his mother come up the stairs, he quickly covered himself with his sheet and blanket.

"What's wrong, son? Did the girls tease you again?"

"No," replied Tommy, too embarrassed to tell her the truth. "I just don't feel well. I think I should stay home in bed."

Sarah started to pull down Tommy's covers. In a panic, Tommy grabbed them to cover his naked body.

"Whoa! Tommy, I just wanted to make sure you're OK."

"I know, Mom. I'm OK. I think I have a little fever."

Sarah pried the sheet and blanket free of his grip and pulled them down.

“What the hell!” his mother said seeing him in the purple panties. “Tommy, why are you wearing your sister's purple panties?”

Her voice was loud and he knew she was very angry. He sobbed and blubbered out excuses as he tried to explain.

“Did your sisters do this to you?”

With his door wide open, Tommie could see his older sisters peeking in as they tried to hold back their laughter.

Tommy nodded “yes” to his mother's question. Nonplused, she just sat there and shook her head for a long moment. She just kept staring down at his thin little boy's body in lacy purple panties.

As Tommy slowed his crying, he got his voice back, and then asked, "Mom, what's a clitty?"

Gasping, Sarah drew back her hand and was about to slap him across the face, but she stopped before she hit him when she heard her daughters unable to contain themselves and laughing from the next room. Whipping her head around, Sarah saw the girls who were trying to pull back out of her sight, "All right, girls, I see what you're up to now. Just for that, both of you are getting a spanking."

"Mo-o-om! That's not fair! We were just having a little fun," Jessie said.

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