Pussy Boy Pages #11 has exciting reader-supplied items including these illustrated stories: "Look, Ladies, His Boobies!" Wife forces him to be her sissy male maid with real tits for her and her girlfriends.
  Queer College Party - A boy's sister and college roommate catch him in their clothes and force him to go to a bar and pick up a guy!
  Sneaky Little Sissy - Guy describes how as a kid he would steal panties and jack off in them!
  Sister's Punishment - When a boy is on the verge of being expelled from school, his sister tells the principal she can reform her brother with petticoat punishment.
  A Wanking Pervert's Letter of Confession to His Wife - He tells his wife his innermost secrets because he wants her to take charge of him before he does something he'll regret!
  Plus photos from a school in 1964-5 that experimented with making boys dress in pink sissy boys' clothes and girls' clothes as a way to train them to be nicer, more considerate and better students!
  Stories and pictures range from "G" to "X" rated and this issue contains 2 drawings and 14 photos.

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