Pussy Boy Pages #23 has exciting stories, letters, pictures and drawings sent to us by our readers including: "Jack's New Life Wearing My Panties" She catches her husband dressed in her clothes, so she spanks him and makes him into her sweet little pussyboy while she goes out for sex with real men!
  "Getting My Sister to Use Petticoat Discipline"
This unruly boy is dressed completely like a girl and taken out for all the little neighbor girls to see!
  "Petticoat Boy Grow Up to Be a Cuckold Husband" Much to his shame, his mother raises him like a girl and trains him to be a slave to females. He grows up and marries a dominant woman who uses him to service her and her men.
  "Panties Review #3" Student nurses tell all the clever ways they use to get boys to wear panties!
  "We Got Him!" A girl discovers her brother trying on her clothes, and his mother forces him to go shopping for his own girlie clothes.
  And a lot more!
  Great reader written stories and pictures to thrill the panties off you! This issue contains items ranging from "G" to "X" rated and includes 9 photos and 3 great drawings.

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