The Pantied Cuckold #1

The Pantied Cuckold #1 is our completely new publication focusing upon the amazing stories of guys with unfaithful wives and girlfriends who love to dominate and humiliate them!

There are NOT many pictures in this book, but there are plenty of both long and short stories about cuckolded guys, some told by the cuckolds themselves and some told by their cheating wives and girlfriends describing the relationships of these pussy whipped men and boys serving dominant females and powerful, real men.

Stories include: “Cum Eating Pansy”; “My Whole Family Calls Me Sissy”; “I'm a Sucker for Black”; “My Wife Says Doing What I Do Isn't Being Gay”; “The Man Who Fucks My Wife Buys Me Panties”; “Big, Scary Black Men Own My Wife and Laugh at Me in My Maids' Outfit While I Suck Their Cum Out of My Wife's Battered Pussy.” Plus more, more, more cuckold stories! This hot storybook is rated “X” and shouldn't be read by anyone offended by highly disgusting and abusive sissy boy cuckold sex.

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