Petticoat Discipline Monthly Vol 1 No 3

Advice from Nanny Susan


I am very interested in your petticoat discipline magazine, and believe it is an excellent publication. I hope to write with some specific detail soon on my treatment of my husband. He wears my old school uniform, which we all loathed (as do the present girls at the convent school). I feel it is important (even essential, for proper humbling) to insist on worn and used items, purchased by the new incumbent, naturally, from shops specializing in second hand uniforms – or, better still, from individuals advertising used uniforms for sale in the local newspaper.
In the meantime, I wonder if you are able to offer advice on the use of baby/toddlers reins on unruly boys. I'm thinking of those harnesses (preferably leather and with a sweet picture on the front) with a long rein attached for mommy to hold and control the child's movement. They would seem an excellent method of humiliation while at the same time providing firm control. Especially if utilized outside.


Well Caroline, you seem to have your naughty husband under your full control, and I congratulate you on your efforts. Yes, a school uniform is an excellent means of petticoat control. Does he wear navy or bottle green interlock school knickers with the rest his uniform? If you are buying things second hand, then you may have to put new elastic in the legs of his panties. Years ago the school knicker elastic used to be very thick and tight, so make sure the elastic you insert is the same. It will intensify the feel of his petticoated condition every minute he is dressed in his uniform. You can also make him wear his school knickers to work; his discomfort will serve as a constant reminder that you are in full control of the household.

Please do write about your experiences. There are plenty of women among our readership who would benefit from hints from someone like yourself, who has applied petticoat discipline so successfully.

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