Petticoat Discipline Therapy Vol 1 No 7
Correspondence Special


I have successfully used diaper discipline on my son, Daniel, to curb the bad behavior he picked up mixing with the wrong crowd. I found a place on the Internet that sold diapers and plastic panties in large sizes and ordered them. Soon after they arrived, he stepped out of line again, and when he saw the diapers and a pair of the white plastic panties, he knew what I intended to do, and there was another scene. I followed up with a spanking and didn't stop until he gave in and lay on the bed, sniveling to himself as I powdered, diapered and plastic pantied him. After that, I made him get into his pajamas, but his pajama bottoms wouldn't fit over his big bloomered plastic panties, so I made him sleep in a silky, nylon babydoll pajama top.


It's amazing how effective tights punishment is with an unruly boy. I am one year younger than my boyfriend of seventeen years, and I have seen his mother use this extensively on him to correct his negative behavior towards his sisters and cousins. He is a very argumentative lad with too much spirit and an immature dislike for his sisters. I was told by his mother that she used this method in private, but she has now resorted to public humiliation, as it seemed more effective in controlling his behavior. I remember when I first witnessed him being punished in tights and panties. It was a Sunday, and I was invited over for brunch. John was being quite cheeky with his 12-year-old sister and belittled her. His mother overheard the exchange and ushered him upstairs "for a change of clothing," Later, he was brought down in pantyhose and panties, and his little sister picked on him unmercifully. He seemed so well behaved I suggested to his mom he should be made to wear them all the time. She agreed. John became angry at my suggestion.


Upon entering the house from school, I noticed a pair of my sister's pale yellow panties on the back of my chair. My father, pointing to them said, "Go upstairs put on your old scout uniform and put those on underneath and stay dressed that way." I saw he meant it; so going very red, I picked up the lacy panties and went upstairs. The shorts of my old scout uniform were extremely small on me, and when I put on the panties in a state of nervousness and then the shorts -- much to my horror there was 1 1/2 inches of the lace of the panties showing below the shorts. Upon returning downstairs my father hissed at me and laughed and then told me to go about my chores. My father made me dress that way for the next four days.

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