Petticoat Discipline Therapy - Vol 1 No 7

Petticoat Discipline Therapy Vol. #1 No. 7 July 2000, (NOTE: Due to conflict with another publication, we have changed this publication’s name from its old name of “Petticoat Discipline Monthly.” This edition is a correspondence special with many of the letters illustrated! Like earlier issues, the focus is on Petticoat Punishment and Diaper Baby Discipline for males of all ages with articles and letters from readers as well as reprints of letters from old publications detailing the woes of humbled men and boys and the firm but loving treatment by their female superiors.

Special Correspondence Issue: “Petticoat Training Required"; "Babysitting Service for Big Sissies?"; "Correction Costume for Young Males";  "A Young Lady Who Believes in Baby Discipline"; "Pinafore Training in a Cornish Country House"; "Tights Punishment"; "Pretty Panties Work Wonders!"; "Sister Gave Away My Husband's Petticoat Discipline Secret"; "Trained in Schoolgirl Panties"; "Diapers at Boarding School"; "A Wife's Gradually Feminized Housemaid"; "Diapers Keep My Son in Line"; "Petticoated by Big Sister"; "Complete Control"; "Discipline - Old Fashioned?" "Another Sketch from London Life" and more! This volume is “G” to “R” rated and contains 2 drawings and 11 photos.

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