Petticoat Discipline Therapy Vol 1 No 8 - Part 1
Correspondence Special: Corsets & Girdles

History of Corsets & Girdles

The corset returned to the center of fashion in the 1860s, and etchings of the demimonde at race meetings of this decade show that corsets were universal for women. In the mid 1870s long corsets dominated fashions and were used as a disciplinary tool as well since they made the wearer more decorous in their movements, and more restrained generally. Corsets for both appearance and discipline became popular for boys and girls alike. The corset came into full flower in the 1880s and 1890s, being worn over a petticoat, and made in beautiful materials such as silk and satin, richly decorated with frills and appliqués.

The recently discovered disciplinary function of the corset came fully into vogue as the 'Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine' advised, "If you want a girl to grow up gentle and womanly in her ways and feelings, lace her tight." And the wisdom of that advice mothers and nannies soon realized applied equally well to boys.

Corset Training

At present I am supplying corsets for eight children, five are girls and three are boys. The boys' mothers have decided on corsets for them for discipline or figure training reasons. Two of them, one boy and one girl, although they wear different clothes at school and in public, at home, their mother always dresses them identically, either as girls or effeminate boys, and the children like this. Both now have laced corsets so their mother can train their figures the same way, so they can continue to wear the same clothes for as long as possible. Their mother maintains that while they are still children they should he treated, as much as possible, alike. I make very little distinction between boys and girls when corseting them. Before the age of about 13 their figures are similar, and in addition, at that age, being corseted makes a boy feel somewhat girlish, and I believe this is important in training him to be well behaved, submissive and obedient. There is no doubt corsets have this effect on a boy. Many boys, and indeed many girls too, who are brought to me to be corseted are somewhat rebellious and difficult at first. Once they are in corsets however, this resistance seems to fade and they become demure and much more amenable to their mother’s wishes. This applies even in the case of a male, by treating him as one would a girl, and even when he is not in a dress or girls' clothes, he should be made to wear heavily frilled nylon panties, a pretty panty girdle and a girls' short lacy half-slip under his ordinary boys' clothes. The girlish feel of his lingerie will start to teach him and remind him that defiant masculine ways are not acceptable.

Well Corseted Family

When we were sixteen, mother no longer insisted on my brother being corseted but by then he preferred to go on wearing them whenever he could. In my own case, since I was a girl, my mother did not give me the choice but insisted on even firmer corsets for me and very tight lacing, except when I was at school. When I was seventeen, I had a seventeen inch waist in corsets and although I suffered, I was proud of it and even liked the feeling. My brother and I are now thirty-five, but looking back, I am very grateful to my mother for the strict training I had as a child, as even now, after having two children, I still have a twenty three inch natural waist, which I can lace down to nineteen inches. From my brother's point of view, he still wears corsets every day with the result that he has an excellent upright figure with no sign of middle age spread. Indeed, I'm quite convinced that most men should wear corsets and that the time to start is while they are boys. 

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