Petticoat Discipline Therapy - Vol 1 No 8 - Part 1

Petticoat Discipline Therapy Vol. #1 No. 8 - Part 1 August 2000, Special Issue: Corsets & Girdles. (Originally published as “Petticoat Discipline Monthly,” we have changed the name of these reprints because we have illustrated and greatly improved these old editions.) This particular issue was so large that we had to break it up into two publications. This is Part 1, and Part 2 will be produced in the future as a separate publication.

This edition is a correspondence special focusing on the disciplinary value of Corsets & Girdles with a many of the letters illustrated and made from reprints of very old letters on these subjects from the 1970s British issues of Search, Relate, Madames, etc. detailing the woes of humbled men and boys under firm but loving treatment by their female superiors.

Special Correspondence Issue: “History of the Corset & Girdle"; "Corset Training: Token of the Male's Submissive Role"; "Corseted Male"; "A Grandmama Agrees with 'Straight Laced'"; "Well-Corseted Family"; "Girdle Control of a Humble Hubby"; "Chastity Control with Lacy Panty Girdles"; "Panty Girdle Discipline for a Naughty Husband"; "My Well-Trained Husband"; "Making a Male Submissive" and more! This volume is “G” to “R” rated and contains 1 drawing and 14 photos.

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