This issue of Panty Lines, originally published in 1983, has been completely revised, the artwork redrawn and colorized, and new material added. Most everything that was in the original is still here, including Part 3 of "The Making of a Sissy," which continues the story of little Jimmie. This episode describes how he suffered after he first got caught wearing panties by his mother. 
   Also, a man describes his current life-style and how things got that way in "My Girlfriend Tells Her Friends I Wear Panties." In another story, a man tells how he kept his panty fetish a secret his entire life until his girlfriend caught him with her panties. 
   There are also letters from a fellow whose mother knew about his panty fetish and liked to tease him about it in front of the whole family, a boy whose cousin liked to dress him up, a man who got told off by two girls when they caught him peeking up their skirts, and a boy who had to wear his cousin's second-hand panties.
   Other features in this issue: a cute cartoon, a newspaper article about a boy trying out for the lead role in the movie "Annie," and a review of the 1994 movie "The Little Rascals" in which Spanky and Alfalfa get dressed up in adorable little ballerina costumes. This issue includes twenty-four photographs and five great drawings, some by the great Missie McQueen. Stories range from "G" rated to strong sexual content.