Princess Online #22 contains features from April & December 2000 and January through March 2001 websites, including two video clips of Katie, one of our favorite sissyboys. In one he imitates Marilyn Monroe's famous scene with her skirt blowing up, and in the other he dances and flashes his panties. 
  Plus there's exciting pictures and stories about crossdressing sissies from newspapers, television, a Broadway show and a parent's advice Internet site that posted pictures of a little boy dressed up by his older sisters.
   Also our regular features of great petticoat punishment art from Carole Jean and a new poster from Watchdoggie! 
   The featured long story is about an orphan boy subjected to the most horrific treatment as several women 'cure' him of being a boy. They pump him up full of female hormones, fatten him up like a prize turkey and humiliate him in the most bizarre ways with his huge tightly brassiered breasts and a thoroughly spanked, pantied and tightly girdled backside. 
  Boys in girdles, bras, panties and dresses in these stories that are rated "G" to "X" and illustrated with 7 drawings and 12 photos.