Princess Online #88 contains items from our June 2006 website, including our regular features: Watchdoggie!'s petticoat punishment picture, sissy boy art from Carole Jean, a Masquerade picture and long story about a boy tricked into looking up a girl's skirt and then punished by being made to wear girls' clothes and forcibly masturbated. The Sissy of the Month is a picture and newspaper story about a boy in Japan allowed to attend school as a girl in a frilly party dress!
  Also: another one of Ma Kelly's rhumba panty boys; Classic Art, showing a thoroughly humiliated sissy boy with an erection in his panties as he is being laced into a tight corset by his aunt as part of his punishment for being caught jacking off into panties. And, of course, another edition of The Pantywaist Weakly with many lovely pictures and funny and fascinating stories.
  The feature story is "Two Girls and a Boy" about these two little girls who won't let a boy play a game with them unless he dresses up in their lingerie and school uniform. He begrudgingly does it, but the girls keep raising the stakes, and he gets more an more shamed, the girl's boy babysitter discovers what they are doing and gives the boy a spanking, but then he gets turned on by the boy who looks like a pretty little girl.
  Stories and features are rated from "G" to "X" and illustrated with 2 drawings and 11 photos.

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