More great photos and amazing real stories about boys undergoing petticoat punishment to cure them of their naughty ways. In these true-life stories, you'll read about people like famous authors J. M. Synge and Lytton Strachey and world renowned architect Louis Sullivan, all of whom were raised in dresses and girlish frills. 
   And you'll also read about the bloomer boy who was embarrassed for teasing his sister, the man who used humiliation to try and change his mama's boy grandson who liked to wear nail polish and silky babydoll pajamas, the boy whose favorite color was pink and who was a slave to his mother, a boy by the name of Peter who started with a little sundress and ended up being forced by other boys to suck a truck driver's cock, and a story that appeared in the newspaper about a boy who came home from school crying after he was humiliated by the other kids for wearing a training bra on turnabout day.  
   Petticoat punishment at its best. Stories range from "G" to "X" rated and illustrated with two drawings and thirteen photos.