In volume 4 of Petticoat Punishment Quarterly, we present amazing and delightful stories and pictures about boys undergoing petticoat punishment to change them from little hooligans into sweet little sissy boys. 
   You'll read about famous people like U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was raised in fine dresses, kilts and girlish bloomers during his formative years. And learn about the son of a wealthy industrialist who was forced into wearing the flower girl's dress and lingerie as punishment for looking up girls' dresses at a wedding reception.
   Read the story of the Brooklyn boy regularly pantied and forced to sit in the open widow of his apartment so all the neighbors could ridicule him in his sissy clothes. Other stories: a boy who had to wear an "I am a cissy" sign around his neck while undergoing strict petticoat discipline at his British school; the boy who was caught on camera in a Chicago dress shop while being fitted for a punishment dress. Plus much more! 
   Unique and fascinating petticoat punishment stories for those who think they've heard and seen it all. Stories range from "G" to "R" rated and are illustrated with eighteen exceptional photos.