Petticoat Punishment Querterly #5

Petticoat Punishment Quarterly #5 - It has been a long time since we published the last issue of this series, but it took us all this time to collect just the right stories and rare photos for your enjoyment! A lot of nostalgia is in this issue to take you back to the golden age of frilly panties and lingerie and classic little girl dresses.

Stories include: “Petticoated By My Babysitter” “Pantied Forever”; “Trained to Love Humiliation”; “Controlled by Petticoats”; “Spanking and Panty Discipline”; “Sissy Trained to the Limit”; “Caught and Panty Castrated”; “Petticoat Punished in an Actual Petticoat”; “My Stepmother Pantied Me”; “Petticoating Backfired”; and “How I Petticoat My Boyfriends.”

Petticoat punishment for naughty little boys is a very old practice, but these are all new stories showing this unique form of discipline is as popular as ever with modern parents and caretakers because it still works beautifully.

Pictures and stories are rated from “G” to “R” and illustrated with 11 teasing, tantalizing photos.

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