Sissy Boy Art #3: Spanked & Feminized

Sissy Boy Art #3 Spanked & Feminized contains 50 drawings sent to us from our readers. All of these works of art feature men and boys being terrorized and sissified and made to act like girly-girls, swishy faggots, and little nancy boys.

In this issue: Spanking, whipping and caning of boys as they are sissified and turned into sweet little girls; Mothers with their well-disciplined and feminized sons; Guys made to dress like girls, sissies and swishy faggots and then paddled and spanked into submission until they accept life with bows in their hair and in lacy, frilly, girlish and sissy boy outfits; Forcibly feminized men and boys controlled and humiliated with spanking and then penis teased, forced erections, and made to engage in gay sex; Sissies abused by men, women, teenage boys and girls and even little toddler girls; Boys spanked into submission with their penises under the control of females and paraded before other people who laugh and tease them; Petticoat punished, intimidated and tortured men and boys Rated “R” to “X” and includes 50 drawings.

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