Sissy Boy Art #5: Excited Girlie-Boys

Sissy Boy Art #5: Excited Girlie-Boys contains 20 line drawings by Jackie-Off and features astounded but confused, delighted but tormented, happy but troubled -- but most of all very surprised men and boys reacting to wearing girls' clothes. Some undergo panty training or petticoat punishment and others discover sissyboy joys on their own.

In this issue: A boy had no idea it would be so exciting! Mom looks in on boy spurting in panties! Boy is happy his mom made him take ballet lessons! Grandpa gets off watching his grandson erupt in his panties! Excited dickies cumming into fancy panties, cancan slips, bras, dresses and other girlie clothes. Boy with hormone titties and a big hard-on too; a guy in a maids' outfit and an erection in a bouffant petticoat; boy blows his wad while playing with himself in bra and panties; teenage boy jacks off in his panties and soils his party dress; boy is shocked to realize he's addicted to shooting off in panties; boy discovers petticoat punishment is better than a spanking! Rated “R” to “X” and includes 20 drawings.

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