Sissy Boy Art #6: Mama's Sissy Boys

Sissy Boy Art #6: Mama's Sissy Boys contains 20 line drawings by Phil and features dominant mothers who control, humiliate, and feminizing their often astounded and confused little boys, who are powerless in against the overwhelming force of motherhood. They undergo panty training and petticoat punishment. Some learn to like it, but most hate being turned into sissy boys.

Every drawing contains a mini story. In this issue: A boy questions why his mommy dresses him up only when daddy is gone. Mom sent her boy outside in yellow panties and now wonders why he came back in pink panties. A boy's girl cousins loves to make him spurt in his panties. Mom has her boy wear the hand-me-down dresses from another sissy boy! Grandma has trained him to be a maid for his mommy. Mommy is ready to expose her cheating husband their feminized son. Boy feels stupid outside in a dress with his panties peeking out. Rated “R” to “X” and includes 20 drawings.

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