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Pussy Boy Video #200: Petticoat Punishment

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Mommy's Panty Boy #1 - added 8/19/05. G rated. WMV Video.*
Introductory segment to this all-time great sissy boy video, the star performer is a good friend off ours and in this segment, he thanks his mommy for introducing him to panties!
Interest codes: DM NS PB PZ VA

Mommy's Panty Boy #2 - added 8/19/05. PG rated. WMV Video.*
As a young boy he remembers his mommy's breasts and how she rubbed them in her pretty blouses.
Interest codes: BR DM PU PY PZ VA VO

Mommy's Panty Boy #3 - added 8/19/05. X rated. WMV Video.*
As a boy he remembers his mommy making him wash out her panties along with his sisters and seeing them hanging on the clothesline. Mommy asks, "Did you wash my panties?"
Interest codes: DM HU MS OT PT PZ RP SN ST VA

Mommy's Panty Boy #4 - added 8/19/05. X rated. WMV Video.*
As a boy he remembers his mommy catching him in the bathroom and asks him "Are you playing with yourself?" as he jacks himself off in pink panties.
Interest codes: CD DM HU JO MS OT PT PZ RP SN VA

Mommy's Panty Boy #5 - added 8/19/05. X rated. WMV Video.*
As a boy he remembers his mommy forcing him to wash her panties in the bathroom and warns him "You better do a good job!" and asks, "What kind of panty boy are you?"
Interest codes: CD DM HU JO MS OT PT PZ RP SN VA

Mommy's Panty Boy #6 - added 8/19/05. X rated. WMV Video.*
As a boy he remembers his inability to resist playing with himself in his pretty pink rhumba panties, and we see he has a hug cock thrusting away inside his panties, and he has to touch it!
Interest codes: CD DM HU JO MS OT PT PZ RP SN VA

Mommy's Panty Boy #7 - added 8/19/05. X rated. WMV Video.*
As a boy he remembers sneaking into his mother's room and going through her panty and bra drawers and jacking off with her panties. He watches his mommy put on lipstick and asks her if he can put on lipstick too, but she just smiles and says, "Not for boys!"
Interest codes: CD DM HU JO MS OT PT PZ RP SN VA

Information About Finding Items of Special Interest to You

About story and picture content: All items contain some crossdressing and most contain panties (our favorite fetish item).

How to search for items of special interest to you: Open your browser's search function "Find on this page." Enter any of the codes below (and it's best to check "find whole word") to find which items may be of special interest to you.

Note: UPPER CASE codes mean an important element in the story or picture, while lower case means a minor story element. Below is our complete list of codes involving crossdressing interests, but only the codes shown ABOVE are part of these current stories. For your convenience, we list our complete list of codes below; however, just because we have a code for a story or picture element does not mean that have anything in that category at this time. You have to do a search (as described above) to see if that element is available in one of our current offerings. 
ap - apron
ba - baby clothes & treatment
bl - bloomers
br - bra
bs - beauty shop
cd - caught dressed in female clothes
ch - costume (Halloween, school play, etc.)
ck - cuckold
cl - cheerleader outfit
cr - corsets, corselette, waist cincher
cs - penisectomy and/or castration
dp - diapers, rubber and plastic panties, etc.
en - enema, suppositories etc.
ex - exposed to others dressed
ff - forced to dress in female clothes
fl - flashing (exposing one's lingerie)
fr - fur, angora, mohair, wool
gd - girdle, panty girdle, foundation garment
gn - garter belt or garters
hh - high heels
ho - female hormones or grows breasts
hp - humiliated in public
hr - hair styled, hairdos, wigs
hs - hair ribbons
hu - humiliated, teased, ridiculed, laughed at
ir - interracial
ki - kilts
kt - Kotex, period, tampons
lg - little girls' clothes
mj - Mary Jane shoes
mo - maids' outfit, maid service
ms - male slave
mu - makeup
nt - nighties and babydolls
ot - old-fashioned clothes
pa - male passes as female
pe - cancan or bouffant petticoats
ph - pantyhose
pi - panty inspection
pn - pinafore
pp - petticoat punishment
pr - penis restraint (bound, chastity belt, etc.)
ps - panty sniffing, licking, gag
pw - secretly wears panties under male clothes
pz - panties (focused on in almost all our items)
rg - raised as a girl
rp - rhumba panties
ry - rayon
sa - satin
sc - goes to school as a girl
sg - schoolgirl outfit
sh - shopping for female clothes
si - sissy boys' clothes
sk - silk
sl - full slips, half-slips
sm - pain, torture, abuse
sn - steals lingerie
st -stockings
tb - training bra
tf - taffeta
up - looking up skirts
wo - whore or slut outfit
G - No sex
PG - Mild sex or adult situations
X - Sexual activity
XX - Intense sexual activity
XXX - Extreme sexual activity

ANTAGONIST (aggressor) CODES :
da - dominant aunt
dg - dominant girl
dh - dominant girlfriend
di - dominant wife
dl - dominant male
dm - dominant mother
ds - dominant sister
dw - dominant (unrelated) woman
om - she fucks other males

pb - boy
pm - adult male
pt - teenage boy
py - young boy

va - protagonist forced and willing
vf - protagonist forced
vw - protagonist willing

bg - gives blow job
bj - receives blow job
ca - cane, paddle, strap, whip
cj - caught jacking off
cp - cums into panties
cu - celibacy or cumming denied
df - dildo fucked
dk - dildo sucking
ec - eats pussy
fa - ass fucked
fb - forcibly ass fucked
fc - forced to eat pussy
fd - forced to suck cock
fj - forced to jack off
fm - made to eat his own cum
fs - face sitting & smother
fw - fucks female while dressed
ig - incest gay
ih - incest straight
jo - jacks off while dressed
lb - lesbian
mi - milked for his cum
ns - no sex acts or very little sex
pu - play with her tits
pv - play with his tits
sm - pain, torture, violent abuse
sp - spanking paddling
tp - toilet sex piss
ts - toilet sex shit
tx - sex with transsexual
un - sex not knowing female is male
vo - peeking and voyeurism

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